Gqrx with the Red Pitaya

Today it was brought to my attention that gqrx works well with the Red Pitaya board running the SDR transceiver code by Pavel Demin. Indeed, looking through the gr-osmosdr commit logs, I could see support was added in December 2015, just around the same time I was packaging gr-osmosdr.

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Satellite telemetry decoding on Linux

Are you interested in receiving and decoding telemetry from amateur radio satellites? Then check out this excellent article by Jan PE0SAT called Unix TLM (Telemetry) decoding, where Jan gives a description of his setup.

In his Linux setup, Jan uses Gqrx as SDR front-end and Gpredict to track the satellites. As we wrote earlier, Gqrx has a Hamlib-compatible TCP interface so that we can use Gpredict to adjust the receiver frequency with Doppler corrections.

PE0SAT Linux telemetry receiver setup. Image credit: PE0SAT.
PE0SAT Linux telemetry receiver setup. Image credit: PE0SAT.

Jan also takes advantage of the Audio/UDP interface in Gqrx as well as the audio routing capabilities of modern Linux desktops to route the demodulated audio from Gqrx to external decoder applications.

All in all, this is a very nice setup that demonstrates well how Gqrx can be hooked up with external applications to get new functionality.

Controlling gqrx from a remote host

Starting with version 2.3 gqrx can be controlled remotely using a simple TCP connection. Currently, the remote control functionality is limited to setting and reading a few parameters but more handles might be added in the future.

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