Gqrx 2.3.0 released

Someone has pointed out to me that it’s been almost a year since gqrx 2.2.0 was released. There have been a few snapshot releases since 2.2.0 and some of them got even included in distributions. However, considering the large number of improvements and bug fixes since 2.2.0 I felt it was appropriate to tag a new release.

The changes since version 2.2.0 include:

  • Support for setting analog bandwidth.
  • Support for setting gain stages individually.
  • Remember visibility status of main toolbar.
  • Restore the geometry of the main window between sessions.
  • Restore the state and placement of the dock windows.
  • Nuand BladeRF support.
  • RF Space SDR-IQ, SDR-IP and Netsdr support.
  • Airspy support.
  • Peak detection on the FFT plot.
  • Max hold on the FFT plot.
  • Audio streaming over UDP socket.
  • Remote control through TCP socket.
  • Set squelch level from current signal/noise level.
  • Command line option to list existing configurations.
  • I/Q recording and playback.
  • Incorrect handling of decimal values in LNB LO frequency.
  • Correctly apply initial LNB LO frequency.
  • Audio output device selection on Mac OS X.
  • Properly store settings when using Save As function.
  • Crash when recording audio with no rec directory set.
  • Only allow audio playback while DSP is running.
  • Ensure DSP is stopped when we exit.
  • Freeze when switching modes after audio recording.
  • Toggling “ignore limits” changes frequency.
  • Include gqrx.dekstop file.
  • Rename scope.svg to gqrx.svg to avoid confusion.
  • Gqrx can fit on small screens (900×600 pixels).
  • Better color gradient for the waterfall.
  • FFT presentation at high rates and high sizes.
  • Make release news available through the Help menu.

Many of these changes are contributed by others as can be seen in the list of contributors.

The source code is available through Github or Sourceforge. Ubuntu packages for Trusty and Utopic are in the PPA. Mac version is expected to be available through Macports soon.

This is probably the last version I am going to release for a very long time, perhaps ever, as I neither have the time nor the interest to continue down this road. Hopefully we can find somebody else to take over further development and maintenance.