Contribute to Gqrx

Gqrx was started back in 2010 by Alexandru Csete OZ9AEC as a hobby project. Gqrx has since grown far beyond what a single individual can maintain and is therefore depending on contributions from users, developers and organizations.

If you are a developer, take a look at the list of open bugs and feature requests to see if there is anything you can work on. Please talk to me first if you want to add new functionality – I should be involved from very early on in the process.

I am also looking for help with the website and with packaging.

Users can also help by writing documentation, posting tutorials and helping other users on various forums. Feel free to use our wiki on Github for writing documentation and tutorials.

Hardware vendors are encouraged to sponsor SDR hardware for development and continuous testing. The only way to ensure that Gqrx works flawlessly with a particular hardware is to test it with the hardware.

Finally, if you like Gqrx and would like to show your appreciation and encourage future work on open source SDR projects, you can make a donation through PayPal. While I can not commit to work on specific features or bugs in exchange for donations, I can promise that all donations will go to support my work on Gqrx or one of the other open source SDR projects I have in the pipeline (feel free to ask).