Gqrx 2.2.0 released

After nearly one year of development since the last official release, we are now finally ready with Gqrx 2.2. Amongst the new features and bug fixes, this release brings support for the HackRF Jawbreaker and the Funcube Dongle Pro+. See supported hardware for a complete list of devices that are known to work with Gqrx.

Gqrx on shortwaves with Funcube Dongle Pro+

I have made a video recording of my first tests using Gqrx and the Funcube Dongle Pro+.

One of the biggest challenges with Gqrx has always been installation difficulties caused by the endless list of dependencies. To address this issue we are now officially packaging Gqrx for Ubuntu Linux and for Mac OS X, both distributions including all the dependencies that are not commonly available for that platform. In the case of Ubuntu Linux this has resulted in a complete GNU Radio package with the full SDK, including awesome tools such as the gnuradio-companion.

The app bundle for Mac OS X does not contain the full GNU Radio SDK; however, it does include various command line utilities that come with the hardware driver packages (rtl_test, hackrf_info, uhd_find_devices, etc).

Note that Ubuntu packages are available through two different channels:

  1. gqrx/releases containing official releases such as 2.2.0
  2. gqrx/snapshots containing development snapshots made a few times per month

Although it is probably possible to subscribe to both channels there is probably no reason to do so. All packages in gqrx/releases are also made available through gqrx/snapshots.

A list of changes since the previous releases is available in the news.txt file.

Head on to download page and get gqrx 2.2 now!

See Github for a list of known bugs. Feel free to report any new ones that you may encounter.